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Ensuring clear visibility into your cybersecurity position is of utmost importance to a company to ensure that you do not fall victim to cyber hacks, phishing schemes or ransomware which could potentially destroy your company. A roadmap for improving and enhancing your cybersecurity will assist you in creating a structured, systematic, as well as effective security solution that lays the ensure the safety and confidentiality of your organisation.

Utilising the industry’s leading vulnerability scanner, we conduct either authenticated or un-authenticated scans on all internal and external IP addresses to find over 57 000 known CVE’s (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures).


A vulnerability score for each finding gets allocated to easily prioritise the most critical vulnerabilities that enables them to be addressed in order of urgency. A detailed description and possible resolution explanation of each vulnerability is provided with each scan, as well as an export of each report in PDF, CSV and HTML format. Included with each scan is a consultation and discussion session with our skilled security professionals on the findings, where questions or recommendations can be raised.

Penetration Testing is a process in which we attempt to enumerate and exploit vulnerabilities in an organisation’s environment. This is done by mimicking the steps that a malicious actor would have taken in an attempt to exploit your systems. Any vulnerabilities found during this process are then documented and reported upon, with a detailed description which includes a step-by-step guide to exploit the vulnerability; a rating of the vulnerability and possible resolution plan.

Regulatory Compliancy is a major drive toward implementing a companywide ICT (information and Communication Technologies) framework or striving towards meeting an industry standard. Frameworks like CIS (Centre for Internet Security) and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) can accelerate your cyber maturity and build a resilient security position, all whilst gaining and maintaining compliancy.


We can assist with assessing your environment according to industry-accepted frameworks and standards, as well as assisting with compliance regarding policies, processes and controls.


Implementation of security controls according to best practice, as well as ensuring that your specific security and compliance regulations are met, is a critical aspect of Cybersecurity. Security control misconfiguration is one of the most common vulnerabilities that can render your investment as underperforming or even completely irrelevant.

Perimeter security plays a large role in securing your intellectual property from external threats. However utilising your firewall investment to the fullest begins with correct firewall implementation. Firewalls not only provide Anti-Malware, URL filtering and IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems) solutions for your WAN (Wide Area Network) facing entities but can also segregate your network to minimise the lateral movement of intruders.


Cyber Insight provides expertise in the implementation of parameter and segmentation firewall solutions, through consulting services on firewall implementations and best practice deployments of all vendors. We provide optimisation, implementation, and managed solutions for all your firewall requirements.

With every person that has internet holding access to email platforms and services, as well as the fact that most cyber-attacks use this means of delivery as a security vulnerability, it is always highly recommended to ensure correct email security solutions are in place. Stringent Secure Email Gateway implementation, will assist in prohibiting Malware, Spam, and bad URL/IP addresses from entering your user’s mailboxes.


Enhanced reporting and forensics provide visibility on TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption, as well as implementation of DLP (Data Loss Prevention) on emails. These are to mention but a few of the features that come standard with a proper Email Gate Solution.


Cyber Insight understands your email security requirements and provide customised Secure Email Gateway implementation and Management solutions to meet your needs. We can assist whether you require a partner to assist and guide you through the implementation or optimisation phase of email security, or whether you require a security provider to manage the solution for you.

Endpoint Security has evolved past the traditional Antivirus to include advanced features like Machine Learning, Exploit Prevention Techniques, Intrusion Prevention and Heuristics. When implemented correctly, the blocking and monitoring of behaviour with malware threats, such as Ransomware, becomes an operational process within your organisation instead of a security nightmare.


Cyber Insight can assist with the scoping and implementing of an advanced EPP (Endpoint Protection Platform) or EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) solution for any organisation’s maturity level. Taking your organisation to the next level in endpoint security involves the Implementation of solutions to fulfil your security and regulatory needs, whilst enabling a simplistic management and monitoring methodology.

With even the most sophisticated email security in place, there is still the chance of phishing emails reaching the end user. The end user is the last perimeter of defence and needs to be able to identify and report on suspicious emails and endpoint threats.

Our team assists in providing insight into processes and policies that will in turn enhance your internal response and user behaviour regarding phishing emails. This can greatly assist with implementation solutions which build your organisation up to becoming cyber resilient.

Un-patch systems are the leading cause of cyber security vulnerabilities and can lead to system exploitation. Exploited systems can be used for data exfiltration, lateral movement, back doors, and many other covert operations which can put your company at undue risk.

We provide expertise into the implementation of a patch management solutions to improve visibility into your patch state and reduce your vulnerability footprint.

Web Application Firewalls (WAF) are dedicated devices for blocking known web application vulnerabilities such as Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Structured Query Language (SQL) Injections, cookie poisoning as well as many other Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) top 10 attacks.

Whether you are hosting your web application on a public hosting platform, or within a private data centre, we can assist in the scoping, implementation and management of the best solution for your requirements.


Security controls are only as good as the alert and monitoring systems set up alongside them. After all controls are in place, monitoring solutions need to be in place to monitor the performance and logs of the controls and behaviour of suspicious actors within the environment.

All devices provide logs from which a lot of information can be gathered from and analysed. In the event of an attack or breach of security, logs can be crucial to providing forensic insight on the cause and vulnerable entry points of such action. Without a proper Log Aggregation strategy, logs will be locally stored on each device, or worse, not logged at all, leaving no reports on events trail within your environment. A Log Aggregation Solution can provide a centralised Log management platform to store and aggregate logs to identify and cross-correlate threats within your environment. This can assist with Threat Hunting and post-attack forensics.

Cyber Insight provide Log Aggregation services to minimise manual intervention and maximise return on investment, while providing peace of mind that your logs are stored and maintained in a reportable format.

A Security Incident and Event Management solution provides a complete oversight of your security environment. Providing the best of Log Aggregation, Security Monitoring, Event Normalisation, Threat Feeds and then alerts on these events. With real-time event correlation, threats can be identified and actioned upon as soon as they occur. SIEM solutions provide thousands of events per minute, and require specialist insight in order to understand and order these log date and events.

2020 has seen an increase in remote working and distributed services, as such a new solution taking shape in the form of Secure Access Services Edge has become necessary. This service provides both the Networking layer and Security layer within a single management platform, where services can be added based on policies applied to the type of service consumed. These policies include networking technologies such as SD-WAN, WAN Optimisation and Bandwidth Aggregation, where the Security services can include services like CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker), WAF (Web Application Firewall), DNS (Domain Name System) Filtering and much more.

By using artificial intelligence to monitor user and entity behaviours, you can fend off potential data loss from internal threats such as disgruntled employees, or external vectors by means of techniques such as privilege escalation. By combining alerting with detection, an advanced security and forensic platform can be created and maintained with high accuracy rates on detecting anomalies within your environment.

Cyber Insight specialises in the implementation of UEBA (User and Entity Behaviour Analytics) solutions across your server and endpoint environment to track user behavioural anomalies. Whether you want a solution created, or a fully managed service, we can cater for and customise solutions to suit your requirements.

Insider Threats such as disgruntled employees or malicious internal actors can cause the loss or damage of sensitive data within your organisation without managers or owners being aware for months, or even years. Some Insider Threats are unknowingly creating harm by accidentally implementing changes or acting maliciously without the awareness that their actions could lead to loss of integrity or accessibility.

Cyber Insight can assist with implementing a complete Insider Threat management solution to monitor your account and data behaviour, as well as provide audit reports on all internal activities. Alerts provide triggers on events based on pre-defined actions to mitigate activities in your environment which could be a threat. We assist with the implementation of customised internal threat management, as well as supplying fully managed services.