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At Cyber Insight we provide an array of assessment services that serve as initiation points to any cybersecurity undertaking. Whether you are looking for visibility into compliance, or a full overview of your vulnerabilities, we have a customised service to suit your requirements.


At Cyber Insight we can assess, implement, and manage your security controls from start to finish in order to ensure that your company is protected against any cyber threats. Our team holds over 10 years in implementation and management experience and expertise of security controls, assessment and implementation.


At Cyber Insight, we provide Monitoring and Reporting Solutions to meet any Cyber Maturity level. We offer customised simple management interfaces to monitor data integrity, as well as fully managed SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) to suit your requirements.

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"I highly recommend Cyber Insight for their exceptional pentesting services. Their team exhibited outstanding communication throughout the process and demonstrated a strong ability to adapt to our specific requirements. Not only did they identify vulnerabilities effectively, but their support in remediation and retesting showcased their competence and commitment to ensuring our cybersecurity resilience."
"Cyber Insight is one of our Penetration Testing partners. Their team of pentesters is very professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. They are highly customer-centric as well. They understand that adhering to timelines and delivering quality reports are of the utmost importance. I am always keen on working with them."
"Cyber Insight's professionalism and friendliness are only exceeded by their expertise and efficiency. In all my interactions, I have consistently been impressed by their dedication to excellence and their ability to deliver results."
"Our business is completely internet based and reliant. Cyber Insight provided us with exceptional service and went out of their way to ensure that not only do they understand our needs, but that we also clearly understand where we can improve our security. We continue to build on our business relationship with them and we are happy to recommend their services."
“We’ve made use of Cyber Insight’s security assessments and can highly recommend them. It was a pleasure to work with them! Cyber Insight was professional, with great service delivery and we look forward to our continued relationship.”
"The commitment, expertise and professionalism of the Cyber Insight team is unmatched in meeting our IT Security needs. The entire team has been incredibly responsive and provided us with outstanding service. We're extremely satisfied with their work, and you will be too!"
"We were in quite the ISP predicament when we contacted Cyber Insight – their response was very good and their diagnostics/communications was well presented. As a result of their professional, swift and friendly service we are subsequently proceeding with a penetration test as well. They come highly recommended.
"We had the pleasure of working with Cyber Insight regarding a Penetration Test on our networks and websites. It was an absolute pleasure to work with experienced, professional, and knowledgeable individuals. The level of service delivered is exceptional; will highly recommend their services!"
" Cyber Insight assists us in a number of IT Security services and training. Their knowledge and customer service is next to none. We are happy to build a partnership with Cyber Insight for the foreseeable future."

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Cyber Insight is a leading cybersecurity consulting and advisory firm with the expertise and resources necessary to assist clients build secure cyber defences.

Using best practices and industry-recognised frameworks, Cyber Insight provides an in-depth evaluation of a client’s current cybersecurity position, exposing possible security flaws and potential weaknesses.

Comprehensive penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, designed to minimise risk and maximise damage containment, are included in Cyber Insight’s extensive range of services.

The firm’s battle-tested implementation and configuration skills are linked to the provision and management of world-class solutions geared to protect critical digital assets against threats associated with multiple cyberattack vectors.

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